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Be Part of Our Team

Our race is incredible! Baker City Cycling Classic and brings some of the best riders in the Northwest, United States, and North America.  You can be a important component at Baker City Cycling Classic and a major part in our race implementation team.

​We have 3 days of racing and 4 stages that have fun and rewarding opportunities for race fans and volunteers to be a part in this incredible event!


It's the basics and really all you need to know our Baker Loves Bikes Crew will guide you the rest of the way.  Please Click below link for the basics of finding your part in this years Baker City Cycling Classic.

Race Caravan Driver/Radio Controller

Baker City Cycling Classic provides a lead and follow car caravan for all fields on Stage 1 and 4.  This is a very important and fun way to be involved with BCCC

Do you want to volunteer for Race Caravan Crew?

What can you get from being a Driver/Radio controller at Baker City Cycling Classic?

Baker City Cycling Classic T-Shirt, Course lunch, Friday night spaghetti feed ticket. LOVE!

Baker City Cycling Classic Traffic Control Crew

Stage 1 and 4 Road Races cover 172 miles of Oregon roadways for safety of racers and local vehicle traffic Baker City Cycling Classic uses certified flaggers at critical intersections.  Contact us to join our Team

Note: Sign up for Flagger Crew is using for registration under Baker City Cycling Classic Race Caravan Crew.  See above Link.


Just specify that you are a Certified Flagger in sign-up questioner.  


Stage 1 Intersections are Friday June 21st

Stage 2 Intersections are Saturday June 22nd

Stage 4 Intersections are Sunday June 23rd

BHS Feed Zone and Race Setup Teams

BHS Sports Teams can sign up for specific jobs within our race like providing Feed Zones, Criterium course set-up and water bottle preparation.  


Our race gives funds back to your sports program coordinated with BHS Athletic director Buell Gonzales.  


Coaches register your team on with us.  Just specify in registration questioner that you are a BHS sports team/coach and choose your teams desired race task

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